Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Week 23: It is almost Christmas and I couldn't be more thrilled!

This week was good.

It is almost Christmas and I couldn't be more thrilled!

Monday, we had emailing and then went to help an investigator do some paperwork in English for a few hours. That was rough. I don't even know how to use Photoshop. Then we went to the mission home to pick up the Vietnamese elders who came in for Visa work.

Tuesday, we had District meeting and then ran splits with the Vietnam Elders. I went with Elder Hieu who is pretty close to going home. I was blown away at how good his Vietnamese was and how great of a teacher he was in our lessons. We went and taught a lesson to an old investigator, Chu Hai. He has been learning for close to five years now. We tried to get a lesson going, when he stood up and started yelling at us… saying that he didn't want to learn and that we were trying to force him to do things. We apologized for hurting his feelings and left. He was being a drama queen though in my opinion.

Wednesday, we taught a bunch of great lessons. We taught one to our Branch President, and then he set some goal with us for next year. He wants 15 baptisms and 90 people at church. He says he has faith that we can do it… me too.

Thursday, we taught a lesson to a new investigator, Chu Bao. He has the cutest little daughter ever. She was combing my hair during the lesson and tried to paint my nails so I could be "pretty" like her..

Friday, we just dropped off the Vietnamese Elders and taught a few lessons.

Saturday, we found a less active member and taught her a good lesson. She said she will try and make it back to church (so please pray for that). We taught a lesson to Anh Thanh at the church. During the lesson, members kept randomly showing up! By the end of the lesson, we had five members helping teach the lesson! It was kind of crazy… but also really cool that they stayed and shared.

Because they pulled the Elders out of Branch 3 ( my old area), my companion and I have been assigned to cover both areas. We went all the way out to Kilometer 9 and met with an old investigator Chu Thanh. 
He was so happy to see us. He told us that he thought that we had left back to America and he was heartbroken. I got pretty choked up. We taught him that he needed to continue learning and following God's commandments. He asked if he could be baptized this month, but we told him that he needed to prepare a little more… so we set the date for next month.

Sunday was fun. Our investigator Chu Long decided that he didn't want his kids to learn with us anymore. I am really sad right now about that, because they want to be baptized and come to church.  But he said that they are not ready yet. I hope his heart will change. Then at church we had a little bit of a mix up. At the end of the Sacrament Service, our Branch President announced the day for our Christmas Activity on the 20th. I guess that no one knew about it… and there was an uproar. People started yelling and pointing fingers. It was really crazy. Then, during the third hour, our recent convert brought in a giant Christmas tree and said that the people wanted one in the church. That was neat. 

This Christmas season is both really fun and super stressful. Organizing parties and things are really hard. (in spite of everything) This week was really good though. I am grateful how willing the members here are to sacrifice and help solve the problems that come up. This was a good week.

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