Monday, May 19, 2014

First Week in the MTC

Ernie says:

From the minute I stepped in the MTC it's been a never ending knowledge download. Our Vietnamese teachers talk in Vietnamese 100% of the time so you can imagine what the first day was like. It has been a crazy ride and its only day 5. The language is ridiculously hard, but I couldnt do half the stuff I'm doing without the enabling power of the atonement. It is crazy how much I am blessed while I do work here. My companion is legit. He is like just as or more goofy as I am so we have a blast. Plus he knows like twice as much Viet as me so he is great to learn from. It's super humbling to be learning a language and being around people who have such strong testimonies and know so much about the gospel. My district has five elders. Three are going to California, Viet speaking. Our zone is all asian language speaking and they are all so fun. They are all really strong and keep me doing what I need to. Well the language is alright I guess, we have already taught two lessons to an investigator in Vietnamese and i can pray in Viet as well. OH! yesterday we had choir practice which was amazing and then after we had a devotional. It was a talk Elder Bednar gave two years ago on Christmas. It was about the character of Christ. Such an amazing talk. Then after, we thought it was over and then Elder Bednar actually came out! It was amazing. He just did a Q&A. It was so cool. How often do you get to ask a member of the twelve your own personal questions?!? We are so blessed and that is the 7 apostle in a row apparently.

He is doing working hard and having a great time! We can't wait until we hear from his again next week!

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