Monday, May 26, 2014

Week 2 in the MTC

Ernie says:
So my district and everyone in my zone are super fun! We have some great laughs. I try and exercise and eat right. We were shown how to manage our stress because its a big problem here. A lot of stress will influence the ability to feel and follow the spirit. That is a big deal when we are taught to only ever teach by the Spirit. We fasted yesterday to help us with the language. Time is flying by but the days feel so long. I am already coming up on week three. Nuts. My companion is a Veitnamese Elder, but he is from California. He is such a goof, but I love him. We are in the choir and I love it to death. 
He says that he appreciates how everyone tries to live by the rules and that makes it that much more fun. Apparently his zone have started a foursquare league and they take it very seriously! He is making friends with so many people that have many of the same interests as him. He also says that so much happens every day that it's hard to keep track in his letters each week, but he'll try harder! 

In the meantime, here are some pictures!

So this is my District (left to right) Elder Andrews- He is way cool, our district leader. Elder Visser- This guy is the man, we have a ton in common and we get along awesome. He is like the classiest nerd ever. Sisters flock to him. Elder Golightly- this guy is hilarious, super strange guy but he is great. Elder Nguyen- my companion, haha he is such a goofball and i love it. We are constantly crackin jokes.

this was at the the temple walk. so nice outside.

these are the Hmongs. They are in the room right next to us. Way funny doods. haha they are super weird. 

The MTC encapsulated in one facial expression. Elder Visser (far left). This is the Crew. Minus the Monster in the middle named Hartung. #District30comeup #MTCstruggle #WorkhardPlayhard

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