Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Week 8 In the Field: Haircuts, movies, and ramen in the street...

Ok so this week was jam packed! First on the list is haircuts last week! We got them for a dollar, but I threw in a 25 cent tip ;) …a high roller… I know. Then on Tuesday, we had our district meeting and for that we made an aqua blue cake. (with frosting).  It was so good, and then after that we went to the senior couple's house to eat, because apparently there is a rule that the zone can meet once a month to eat together. Plus, a lot of the Vietnamese speaking missionaries were going home. So it was more of a goodbye. We ate like a taco soup with tortilla chips ( don't know where they got those) and then they found cheesecake! It was delicious.

After that, it started to rain really, really hard. We went out to Kilometer 9 which isn't too far but it’s the boonies. The water was up to our butts almost when we rode the bikes! So nuts! haha super fun though, I love the rain.
We picked up a member to come with us to teach an Investigator of ours. Then we went to meet with another investigator who lives out by the river. We ended up walking on "bridges" to get there. They were just little branches and stuff, super slippery and sketchy. That was Fun.

Then we had our English class special activity! It was movie night! We went and looked for popcorn but couldn't find any so we just got corn flavored crackers called Cornbis.. (haha) They did not taste like popcorn... We had the sisters rip tickets for the showing, and I was at the concessions of course. We made a little theatre and turned off the lights. It would have been cool if the TV and DVD player didn't shut down right when the people started coming.
We ended up just teaching a regular lesson with the setting of a Movie Theater (haha) It was loads of fun though.

We had a sister that is serving in Saigon (Ho chi min) come down for transfers named sister Hunsaker. That was cool too. Then we had Transfers! I am staying in Branch 3 for the remainder of my training, which is fine with me! I love Branch 3 to death! There is still so much to do here. I got the opportunity to help my companion translate the Transfer letter from English to Vietnamese which was really fun. I learned a bunch of new vocabulary. I have like a million flashcards already,

I don't know what I am gonna do. I went on Family home evening run with a companion of mine, Elder Cuong, who got transferred and a member named Suong. We visited a lady named co Hien who had recently been in a car accident, and that is why she hasn't been coming to church. We were talking about it and she was telling us about how she like had internal bleeding around the area of her appendix. Next thing I know, she is whipping off her little dress cloth thingy and showing us her battle wounds. It was like the size of my hand and like yellow and white. I felt like sick when I saw that. So gross! The she told us about how her previous doctor told her to drink this drink thing, which she did and had a seizure! So she prayed and the seizure stopped. Then she said that last week she prayed on her way out to go somewhere and there was a big accident that she was in and like 9 people died but she survived. She really believes in prayers now. She says once her 
nasty scab/wound thing heals she will come back to church every week. On our way out, I poked my head back in to say goodbye and her daughter like     walks in wearing just like a bra. ahhhhhh! We both like freaked out and the daughter like ran back into the kitchen (haha). Then on our way home, we had to hurry because her crazy stories lasted a super long time.

We were flying down the street and this little kid holding a pack of Ramen ran out in the road and Elder Cuong ran him over. After the initial shock of what happened had passed, the kid started screaming and everyone in the neighborhood like ran out to see what happened…It was nuts!  (it turned out that) the kid just wanted his noodles...

Then the next day we were on our way to a member's house and I'm just riding and this little boy makes eye contact with me and smiles and I smile back. I say hello and he… pulls his little shorts down and just starts peeing. All while still smiling and waving to me. That was probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

That night I went on my first split ever with only a native. I went with Suong and it really wasn't too bad! I didn't understand everything but we had a good time!

Yesterday at church, it was so good. We had a total of 8 investigators at sacrament! So cool! We have a lot of people we have to meet all the time so decided to cut this P day short so we have enough time to ride out and see these two old dudes who are so cool! We are hoping for upwords of 8 baptisms this month, so excited!!! ok that is all for this week as far as I know!

Love you all, Elder Morris

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