Thursday, August 28, 2014

Week 6 In the Field: "You like the women?"

Hello My Lovely People,

Things are going super well out here! Elder Barker ( my companion) and I are now taking over the other half of the district for sure! It is a lot of ground to cover but on the flip side, I get to traverse the jungles more now. We were looking around in the jungles and found a couple cool spots. 

I found a toilet in the middle of nowhere and then we tried to climb over this wooden fence and all these people came over. I thought they were going to kill us because it was getting dark outside, but they ended up thinking we were lost and helped us out. They said not to go back to where we came, because there are a lot of snakes and stuff (haha). 

We also had a big Branch activity! It was so much fun! We got five investigators to come and we played Pictionary and it was hilarious. It seems that members don't really know how to draw at all. 

We also ate some weird food after, but it was pretty ok. I have to get used to the food here still…for sure.

We also got to conduct a family home evening at a member's house, where we made a bunch of scones with strawberry jelly in the middle and they loved it! We played a game where we see who can stay straight faced for the longest. Anyone who knows me knows that I can't keep a straight face for too long. So it was my turn and I started off really strong, but then the Branch President just leans in and says, "You like the women?" (hahaha) This was in English, and it was so unexpected, I almost died laughing. It was so much fun.

We are working with all of our investigators to quit smoking. They are all doing super well! We had a lesson with a less active member, and her son who just got baptized a little while ago. We wanted to teach about faith. So we stopped at a flower shop and bought a cactus, because it was the cheapest. 

It turned out not to be the greatest lesson, because the son wasn't there. Plus outside her house, some people were throwing a riot party. A riot party is where workers who are on strike hire a DJ and party in front of the building and clog up the road for days. They sure listen to some lame music. 

Ok well… besides all of that, the week was pretty normal. The language is coming along and the Khmer is pretty simple to learn. Thanks everyone for everything! I love you all so much!

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