Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 3 in the Field: My first Pottifar's Wife Experience

So yeah! We got 96 contacts this week and doubled our lessons from the week before.

I am constantly asking myself, "will I make this area better than when I came?" That really motivates me to do better and better. We are working pretty hard and I am super happy.

I think I will be in Cambodia for at least 3 transfers, probably more.

Khmer is fun and I have contacted in Khmer already.

I love to just meet new people and find out everyone's amazing stories!

OK... not to brag (haha), but I get so many people tell me that I am "pretty". It gets annoying when I am trying to contact. The girls like whisper to each other and then look at me and giggle, which means I am either funny looking...or the other. I did have a couple interesting experiences with that already.

One lady like yelled out while I was riding by, "Goodbye Handsome Man!". Made me laugh super hard (haha) and Then we were contacting and this lady like asked me to follow her and then stopped me and said some things I won't first like Pottifar's wife experience (hahaha). I just said thank you but no, and then said I had to go. Plus I think she was on drugs.

My companion is cool. I actually asked about the whole "beautiful" thing and (according to him) they say that they think Americans are good looking... but they think that half Asians are super good looking or something, I don't understand it at all (haha).

On P day we wake up and go to the phsaa which is Khmer for market ( seiu thi in viet) and get some groceries. The meat is all like hanging on hooks with flies and stuff on it. Then we usually get eggs, rice and fruit and stuff. After that, we do studies and then go to the internet shop to email. Usually we spend like two hours or so which is not enough time at all.

Today we are going to the new market which is like the tourist spot for Phnom Penh and then to soccer. We always play soccer, it is fun but I just kinda mess around cause no one is like super good. I like it a lot though.

Then we come back to change and go out to do the work. We have like seven lessons planned for today... which means we will probably teach maybe two.

Ummm... this last week was super cool. We went on exchanges for a day and I went with elder Coung. He is super. We went out to the kilo's which is like in the provinces of Phnom Penh. There are a lot of fields and cows and stuff. We went out to the these houses over the poop water, walking all along these things they call monkey bridges. They are like little wood planks over the poop rivers. Even scarier than the last one for sure. This water is like up to your chest. They are not sturdy (haha).

Then we went to contact this lady. We were told she spoke Vietnamese. She makes food by the railroad and I started to talk to her all by myself for once, which was super nice. I asked her some questions and then asked her if I could share a message with her about our church. She was super busy but agreed to listen. I asked her about her religion. She said Buddhist, which is super common. When I asked her what she thought the purpose of life here was, she looked at me all teary eyed, and said "I don't know". It like broke my heart and made me excited at the same time. I feel so sad that she doesn't have the gospel in her life... yet happy because I get to share it with her. :). So I told her about eternal families and our life on earth as she listened really well. I was so happy that she wanted a pamphlet and she started reading it right away. She wanted to meet again which is super cool.

Yeah... And then we had a birthday party type thing for these two elders, and that was super fun and one of the elders made a cake and it was super good. well that was my week, hope everyone is doing well!

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