Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 5 In the Field: Braving the Monkey Bridges

This week was pretty wild I guess. (haha) We met up with this druggie dude again and he I guess said that he has just been using us cause he thought we were like "nurses". This guy is from Ireland and stuff, so we taught him in English. I got kind of mad and told him that we aren't nurses and told him what our true purpose is. He hasn't shown up again to meet with us which is sad, but I don't think he was ready to hear our message. Um what else,

Oh! We like combined forces with my main man Elder Cuong from southern Utah. He had to join up with us because his companion went home. So we have been rockin a tripanionship which has been a blast. Lots of places to go and a lot of people to meet because we had to pick up his area too. We have been all over the place.

So much biking but hey, one day I am gonna have some seriously huge legs. We have been teaching these three investigators consistently now and they are learning super well. Chu Hai, the one that we have been having a hard time getting to make commitment and take steps in faith, came to church on his own yesterday and stayed through all three classes! I am so happy that he is finally aligning his life with heavenly father's plan for him. So cool.

We have a few baptismal dates and another accepted baptism. Ahhhh!

I have been reading a lot. I love personally study time so much. I just finished Our Search for Happiness and now I am into Our Heritage. I am also reading Dad's book which is super good! I am kind of glad. I was lazy and hadn't read it till now. It gives me a lot of comfort out here to know that I wasn't the only one who feels like a fish out of water.

It's crazy here. I saw a guy like fly by on his moto and like hit a cement curb and go flying and stuff. He wasn't seriously injured but his bike was. Crazy people.

We went on more monkey bridges last night and these ones were the scariest so far (haha) It's kinda fun actually not scary. The people have to put them up and take them down every couple days because it rains super hard and then when the water goes back down they have to take the bridges back down. These ones were not built very well (haha). It's the luck of the draw with these things. We had to take a little boat to an investigator’s house. We couldn't make it there because the bridge broke. This little kid was guiding us the whole way, telling us to be careful and which boards to walk on that were more safe. (haha). He saw that we had gotten stuck and then jumped into the water and swam off.

We were all like "this little kid just duped us!" But five minutes later, here he comes paddling a little boat over to us! Such a nice kid and his family is really nice as well… and super willing to learn.

Then it rained super bad and we all got completely drenched, we had to like wade through puddles and stuff... That was fun. I love the rain. It was so loud we had to yell to each other just to hear. We went to the branch president's house for family home evening/birthday party for the first counselor. It was fun, we played this game, It’s called the adjective game. There are two judges who would lay out a scenario. Then they go into a room and cover their ears while the group decides on an adjective. One we picked was “old”. So they had to play out the entire scene where everyone acts old and then the judges have to guess what the adjective is. I was chosen to act out a scene where one guy is cooking and he sets himself on fire and two people have to save him using only wind (air). The adjective was dieu, which is like slang for a guy who is "fancy", or kinda like femmy. (haha) I was one of the people who saves him. It was pretty dieu... Now everyone says I’m the "fanciest" guy around. ugh... (haha) It was super fun though.

Then we had to drop off the sisters at their house and stuff.

Oh! That reminds me! We moved houses. We are now in the house with rats everywhere. They have killed enough rats to make a leader board of their kills. It is actually kind of impressive. One of the achievements they unlocked was "Say Cheese", only achieved by blinding the rat before killing it. (haha) crazy stuff. The place is super unorganized and dirty, so I clean in the morning before studies. It's actually starting to look nice.

 I gave a spiritual thought in class after we taught the lesson. I guess I did ok, I am improving a little at a time. I am also trying to memorize the sacrament prayer in Viet. 

Love you all to death and I will see ya next week. 

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