Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 4 in the Field: Finding Lost Sheep

This week was a pretty big (wild) goose chase.

I was looking through all of our files… since it seemed like they haven't been touched in a while. I found a couple inactive members that I felt we could help come back to activity. Their names were Em Phong and Chu Thang.
Em phong was baptized when he was 14 and has been inactive for almost two years. There was an old map of his house but no phone number or anything. Chu Thang is like in his 60's and they didn't know anything about this guy other than that he was baptized a long, long time ago.

We started with Em Phong and went over to the building (the record) said he used to live. We asked some people around the area if they had heard of him, and we got a lead that a kid with that name worked as a delivery boy for an air conditioning company. We followed said lead and went to his work.

The lady in front said that he did (in fact) work there and that he should be coming back from a delivery any minute. We waited creepily for the kid. He came back and he was like, "Hey! I haven't seen you guys in a while." (haha)  He said he was getting off work in like five minutes and that we could come to his house if we wanted.
We went to his house and he let us teach him a lesson. He said he was super glad to see us, and that he will try and come to church again. We also asked him if he would help us find other people who might be interested to hear about the Church, and he said he would! That was so cool!

Then there is Chu Thang, this old sucker was pretty hard to find. We managed to acquire an old phone number of his and called there and got a lead to a little village out in the boonies of the city. We asked around there and we got his number. We called him and he said he would meet with us!  

We found him on his moto (motorcycle) and he said to follow him to his house. I thought he would like drive slow or something, but he just took off! (haha)  We were literally chasing this old dude around these little roads! (haha) We finally caught up to him and he lives by a different railroad in a group of little shacks on stilts over yet another sludgy poop river. (haha)  So nice.

We started to teach him and a guy came in and asked Chu Thang who we were. He told him we were missionaries and invited him to listen to our lesson. It quickly turned into a lesson for this new guy and Chu Thang like taught him with us, bearing his testimony and explaining hard concepts. It was truly amazing.
We invited this guy to be baptized and he said he wasn't sure… but he wanted to keep learning. Chu Thang also said that he wanted to try and come back to church and that he would help us any time we need him to find other people to teach. He is amazing.

We found these people who haven't been found in years! I am grateful for that.

Next, we got our investigator Chu Hai to come to church again, he had such a good time. Everyone calls him the “Eternal Investigator” because he has been learning forever!  My teachers in the MTC even taught him. (haha) But now he says is ready to try again for baptism and he says that this time he is going to do it!

I gave him a white shirt of mine and my favorite tie. I know he will do it this time. We are now teaching the English class that was set up. Our Viet class last week had a grand total of zero people come. This week, my companion and I made signs and danced around and stuff in front of the church, and pulled people in. We had 17 people in our class this week.

I talked to one guy who shared an amazing experience with me. He said he has no money and his family is too poor to support him. He has been praying to be able to learn English so that he can get a better job and help his family. I bore my testimony that God answers our prayers and will always listen. He took a Book of Mormon and said he wanted to read it. That class alone resulted in 8 return appointments to learn about the Gospel.

This all just shows that our Heavenly Father requires action and effort from us before he can give us miracles.

Well this is by far the longest email ever so I am going to be done. I have to go get a haircut and stuff.

Here's some more pics:

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