Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 2 in the Field: Holy macaroni things are getting wild here!

It has been a little over a week now and things are dragging on pretty slowly.  We are making progress though, we pretty much had to whitewash this area and start from scratch. 

We are doing well though... we got 101 contacts this week! We made it a goal to do that. 
Only like 15 or so were Vietnamese, but that's fine and we found a few potential investigators from it. 

— I can't say hardly anything because they speak the hardest dialect here, and I don't understand it at all (haha). So I just smile and say what I can. 

I have had about 5 people ask me to marry them so far, and the guys tell me I'm beautiful... so that keeps my spirits up (haha). It's super awkward for me but they don't think so... I guess.

I got sick already, just a cold but I am getting better so don't worry. 

There is dirt everywhere and I might need to buy like sunglasses because I get so much dirt in my eyes and when I wipe my face off, it’s caked on my face. 

People here love to be naked and the old dudes do everything with their shirts like rolling them up so their bellies are always poking out (haha)... it’s cool. 

(at the internet cafe) We are emailing with some kids who are listening to a Cambodian Ricky Ricardo and playing league of legends (haha)... so sweet. 

We went to this place where all the houses are on stilts over (what seemed to be) a river of poop and trash, smelling ripe with iniquity (haha). We went contacting there and the floors were so sketchy (omg) I was so scared it was gonna break and I was gonna go for a poop bath. (But)I made it out alive and with a few (new) contacts. hmmm.. 

Oh! I have to learn Khmer (Cambodian language) now too! So that's fun. We had a Pioneer Day party which was super fun. We played chubby bunny and stuff. After that we listened to this little girl sing and everyone started crying (cause) it was cool. A little kid did a break dance routine, I thought it was a girl the whole time... but I guess I was wrong. Oh, we have seen a ton of He/She people here. €€ Ehh... not too fun.

I have eaten some icky food so far (haha). I had this noodle soup stuff and it had like a pig hoof in it which was so nice. (just kidding) it was nasty! (haha),,, whatever. ä

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