Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First Week in the Field: Cambodia

I am like... stunned right now at this place. It is super dirty. I am not a germ person, but I’ll get over that really soon. The food is all kind of a gamble to eat (haha) but whatever… I am still trying stuff. So yes, they do eat dog all the time here; and no I haven't eaten it… yet. €

My trainer is cool. It turns out he got trained by my teacher at the MTC… which is cool. 

I am in Phnom Penh right now, Branch three. I taught gospel principles class and also had to give a short talk. Flip that was hard (haha), but it was cool. I have no idea what language I learned in the MTC, but it sure wasn't Vietnamese. 

My house is nice, very few bugs and not too many rats. There are lots of ants though. We have to use only use bottled water for everything, which gets a little annoying. So far I haven't had the runs so that’s a plus. :)

We have already taught like 6 lessons and have also contacted 18 people, I think. It is super hard to find the Viets here because we have to ask the Cambodian people where they are. I don’t know any Khmer, so that makes it hard. 

I have seen some super sad stuff here already. It kind of breaks my heart to see some of the lives of these people. But they all smile whenever I say hello and I try to be as loving and kind as I can. 

Tried to order fried rice in Khmer and flipping ordered a dish of cooked liver. eww. 

It rains a lot here and super hard. Oh and our shower is like in the bathroom with the toilet, and we use like a sprayer to clean our (you know) when we (you know). I was super confused the first time. (haha) But its actually kinda nice (haha).
 Elder Ernie at the mission home with Pres. and Sister Moon

The new group of missionaries: July 18 2014

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