Thursday, July 10, 2014

Recap from Week 6 or 7?

 Elder Ernie wrote:

I am super anxious to get out there and start teaching! plus I want to ride an elephant.

We have two or three lessons a day which is super rough. No one else in the entire zone teaches more than like one lesson a day... haha I don't know why we have to but its awesome practice though... I know that (our lessons are with member volunteers). The program is called TRC. They are volunteers at first but we have a real Skype meeting with someone from Vietnam or Cambodia or something today. Its gonna be a forty minute lesson. I am scared and super excited to see what happens!

June 22: ...that night we had a devotional. It was Janice Kapp Perry and her husband! You know? The one who wrote like a lot of primary songs and (others like) "As Sisters In Zion!" Her hubby spoke first about his mission back in like the 40's (haha) he went to France and back then missions were 2 and a half years long. He had to take a boat to France that took 7 days! He talked about how baptisms aren't how you know if your mission was successful; And how like you will never know the full impact of what you are doing out in the mission. Then Sister Perry spoke. We ended up singing a bunch of songs and stuff and it was so cool. Her husband danced around a bit and she talked about how they met and he stood up and kissed her in the middle of the devotional!! It was hilarious! One of the best devotionals ever.

p.s. I got my Vietnamese name last week. They all have like the same last names so us missionaries get our own new first names. I am anh ca Vinh (Elder Vinh). It means Divine, glorious, or eternal.

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