Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Recap from Week 5

Ernie wrote:

Umm everything is super awesome. So sacrament yesterday was almost a major disaster. We have a sister who has to have gluten free bread and we went to get some but they were all out so I had to like go around in the kitchen and look for some. After ten minutes we finally found some and we started a few minutes late. I felt really dumb but the branch president said not to worry about it.

I get to do the welcome orientation for 19 new elders and sister this Wednesday, they are all speaking Cantonese! I have a lot of stuff to do but I like the busyness, it keeps my mind off of missing ya'll.

We said goodbye to the Cantonese elders last night and it was super sad, im gonna miss those guys cause they were always so funny. All British guys haha. Oh yeah so there are records in the gym for like everything. Theres like soccer juggle record, bench press record, pull ups, push ups, and stuff like that! I am so determined to have my name on that wall. the record for push ups is 150 and its 33 for pull ups. I have only managed to get 120 push ups and 30 pull ups but i still have five weeks to beat it! I will beat it!

Did you see that thing about the church being recognized in Vietnam now? Thats cool.

I checked the weather in Cambodia and it rains every day. Also my teacher said that the water will be up to my waist all the time haha... thats gonna be nuts.

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