Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 14: I guess I look like a girl...

Hey Everyone!

This week was amazing!

Monday was full of fun and excitement! We went on the hunt for anything and everything related to Halloween that we could find. This was super hard because the country has no idea what that is. 
We ran around to few different craft stores and the central market for as many things as we could find. We found some stuff that we could use as decorations and for costumes. Then we went over to the Branch 10 elder's house to construct these costumes and to make a peach cobbler in the slow cooker. 
The cobbler turned out really well and we had a little ice cream with it as well. All in all, a good P day.  

Tuesday was also very fun! We had our studies and then we had District meeting as we usually do on Tuesdays. After, we received a phone call from the Assistants informing us that we had two missionaries coming in from Vietnam who had to renew their visas and they needed some babysitters for a few days. They had volunteered Elder Barker and I for the job. 

I soon found out that the two elders were Elder Tran and Elder Nguyen, my companion from the MTC! We were both excited to see old friends. We picked them up and went on splits. Elder Nguyen and I would go and teach together. It was so much fun. We taught an investigator and contacted for a while and then returned home. 

Wednesday was huge! The day of the Halloween Party! We took a little time with the sisters to make final preparations and things were looking good. I went out with Elder Nguyen again and we taught a few lessons and started inviting people to come to the party! I decided that I would dress up as a Hippy because I found some super cool pants and it's really easy to do. We had also planned out a skit for the spiritual thought. We all decided on the Restoration and they voted that I should be Joseph Smith. I am not sure I fit the part too well. We got everything in order and costumes were on. The people started flowing in. 
We were expecting maybe 20 people to show up, but to everyone's surprise we had a grand total of 38! That is a miracle seeing that only a transfer and a half ago we had almost 0 people in attendance. We played games like Chubby Bunny (my station), and a game where they ate donuts on a string. We did the skit and I think it went really well! People were really paying attention and the spirit was really strong, especially at the end where the actors/actresses got to bear a testimony. It was so much fun, and everyone wanted to take pictures with me. I am so happy that I got to spend a little more time with some of my favorite members and the best English students ever.

Thursday was interesting. We went to do some service in the morning and on the way back, we decided to go through the market. I was super dirty because we spent the morning
scraping paint off of a member's walls. A man in the market stopped me and asked in English why I was so dirty. I said that we were helping someone with their house. Then he asked if I was Christian, and I answered yes. He then invited us to talk with him somewhere a little quieter. We began to talk to him and he said that he was a hair stylist and that he also cut hair for a little orphanage for free. He said that he also spoke Vietnamese because he went to school there and that he had heard about the church. We told him a few things about the church and asked for his number. After giving it to us, he said that we should come to his hair salon. He said that he wanted to cut my hair because it was beautiful. hahaha That's not all. He then told me that I looked a lot like a girl. I asked if that was a good thing and he said yes! Score, I guess I look like a girl...

Later that day, we had a lesson with a progressing investigator. I have become more and more aware that he has a weird understanding of the Holy Ghost. I found this out because when we arrived at his house and I asked him how he was doing he answered, "I am great, the Holy Ghost and I are happy today." I think he thought that the Holy Ghost can live in his heart and is like a friend that he can hang out with. He said he had an amazing experience with the Holy Ghost. He told us that they were riding their bike together. He went on to say that it had just rained so there was a big rainbow up in the sky. He said that the Holy Ghost took him up into the rainbow and he felt really special up there. He said the people were so small and he felt like he was on like another level or something. So there's a funny story for you. 

Friday was a blast! Transfers! We went to the mission home a little early because Elder Barker had a training meeting and we both wanted to see the new missionaries. I was being transferred with the Zone Leaders. We split up and the day went pretty normal and because of some weird circumstances we had to sleep in a room with five people. It was pretty cramped, but also super fun.. 

Saturday was so much fun! General Conference! I have been waiting so patiently and it is finally here. We got to meet up at the stake center and we all had snacks and watched it together. We watched all of the sessions and I loved it a lot. Not to jump on the bandwagon, but Jeffrey R. Holland's talk was amazing. I also loved the talks from Eyring and Bednar. The one from Elder Callister about families was also a favorite of mine. 
Sunday was amazing as well. I don't have as much time as I would like to write about it. 

This week was amazing. I am so grateful for the opportunity to fill my spiritual cup and I am so ready to continue this marvelous work. I know that Christ is at the Helm and if we rely fully on him, we will see miracles in our lives and the lives of those around us. I love you all and hope you have an great week. :)

Love Elder Morris

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