Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Week 15: My Japanese is a lot worse than my Vietnamese!

Well this week was actually pretty slow.

Monday we didn't really do much out of the ordinary. We did get to go to this big store, I bought Yogurt that was on sale; a good Scout is thrifty after all ;)  (haha) 


Tuesday, we had two elders that needed to go to the dentist. One of them was getting his wisdom tooth removed. Yikes. That elder is our District Leader and on Tuesday we have District Meeting. The task to lead the meeting fell upon my shoulders. I prepared as well as I could in the waiting room of the dentist's office; which was really hard because they had National Geographic on the T.V. and it was about the biggest rescued crocodile in the world. 

火曜日に歯医者に行く必要がありました。二人長老がいって一緒に行きました. 一人は親知らずを抜きました。彼はDL。。そして火曜日は地域集会で、司会をすることになったので、歯医者の待合室で準備しようとしたが、テレビで世界一のワニの番組があって、集中できなかった。

The meeting went really well… I think. We had an appointment later that day teaching a family with three little kids. They are so cute and one of the little boys reminded me a lot of myself at his age. He had the same poofy hair and everything. 

会議はうまくいった。。。と思う。 そのあと、三人の小さい子のいる家族とのアポイントがあった。本当にかわいくて、そして一人の子はその年の自分のことを思い出す。。

Wednesday was rough. We had a whole bunch of really great lessons planned. But every time we were about to leave to the lesson, we would get a call saying that they couldn't meet. It was such a bummer. We ended up just contacting all day.

Thursday, we had a few more lessons fall through, but that was ok because we had planned a family home evening at an investigator's house. It went really great. We had his two youngest children learning too. We played a really fun game where everyone is in a circle and the person in the middle closes their eyes. A person outside the circle has to make an animal noise and the one in the middle tries to guess who is making the animal noise. It was really entertaining. 


Friday we taught another one of our progressing investigators. Things were all going great until this little chubby kid came over. He started making loud noises, spitting, poking our investigator, while he was farting up a storm. My companions and I were getting really frustrated. We tried to ask if he wanted to learn with us; even pulling out a chair for him. He just grabbed the Book of Mormon from our investigator and made things even worse. I was so mad that I wanted to drop kick that little poop. When the investigator began reading a scripture and he started poking her head again, I stood up and asked him to leave. He laughed and frolicked away.                                              That is probably one of the times in my mission that I was most angry thus far.


Saturday we had a lot of appointments! We got a lead that some people at the local cafe were Vietnamese. We went over there it turned out that there were a lot of Chinese people. But they spoke Vietnamese too… a very cool old couple. Then we did a split and Elder Tan and I went to meet our Branch President because he said he had a referral for us. It started raining really bad so he said he didn't want to go out in the rain. He made us eat dinner with them though. This one was rough. They brought out a bowl of noodles and with the noodles were a bunch of blood cakes. They are really gross, but bearable. Just little jelly squares of blood. Yum... 


Sunday was really great. It was my first time at the Branch 10 building. The members are all so sweet… greeting me with a lot of smiles and handshakes. In the middle of sacrament, a man came over and asked the assistants something. They came over and talked to me. They said that this man was Japanese and that they needed me to help teach him a lesson. I almost had a heart attack. I'll just say right now that my Japanese is a lot worse than my Vietnamese! I found out where he was from and that he is a teacher here in Cambodia. He wants to learn about the gospel, and has already read about the Restoration. The lesson was pretty hard but I think it went really well. He said he wanted to meet again and learn more so maybe I didn't botch the whole lesson. :)


After church the sister missionaries had a baptism! I was so excited because I hadn't seen one yet! It was so good! We sang a special musical number and we had to wait for some of the girl's family to show up so we sang like five hymns. It went really well and the spirit was strong. This week was a blast and I can't wait to see what this next week has in store! Love you all so much.


Elder Morris

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