Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 17: This week was full of miracles.

"Save me a piece of that corn!"

This week was full of miracles.

Monday was pretty normal aside from we had to go to the mission home to pick up some Elders coming in from Ho Chi Minh for Visas so we went out early. It was alright, we had to take them home first so they could drop off their bags and then we got stuck in the worst traffic. We ended up not getting to visit anyone.

Tuesday, we went on splits with the Elders who were visiting and then we went out to meet a potential investigator named Chu X. Sounds way cool right? Then we just contacted for about 3 hours around the area. We found 0 Vietnamese People. That was rough. We also had District meeting which was really great. Afterwords they thought it would be a good idea to use our lunch to go to this Japanese place called Roku. It was pretty good, I had Katsu Curry. Then we split up again and taught some more lessons.

Wednesday was really good! So... we have a member who does this thing called "Ep Chai". Basically they pull a cart around and pick up plastic and things that they find on the side of the road and then try and sell it. She works all day and only gets a few dollars for it. We felt we should do something, so we decided we would wake up early and gather all the plastic we had saved up over the months and take them over to her house... along with a special cake-type thing that we got as a gift from someone. 

We filled up 3 garbage bags with plastic and a few other things, I even tossed in a few of our bowls. We looked like Santa delivering presents on Christmas as we carried these huge bags while riding to this member's house. We knew she wouldn't be home so we sneaked in and put all of the stuff into her little shack of a house, and then left. We decided to contact for a few minutes while we were already out and about. We chose this little alley... This is when the miracles began. 

We walked about 50 yards and then I decided to ask a guy if he knew where the Vietnamese people were. I thought I was speaking really clearly, but he just didn't seem to understand what I was saying. So I thought... maybe I should just ask in Vietnamese. He then began speaking back in Viet to me. After a minute or two of introducing ourselves and just talking, his friend came and sat down. We asked if we could share with them and they said yes. After that, another one of his friends came and sat down. We were teaching this guy and his two friends... and as I was showing them parts of the pamphlet, a lady just passing by stopped to see what we were talking about... and then she left. We taught them the full lesson 1... and then they said they wanted to learn more.

They all wanted pamphlets, and gave us their phone numbers as well! I am overjoyed and this amazing series of events. After thanking them for talking with us, we started walking back to our bikes. Just as we were nearing the road, a lady calls out to me. I turned, and to my surprise it was the same lady that had stopped to see what was being taught. She said for me to give me all the pamphlets so she could learn more... and to right down our phone number and address to the church so she could come this Sunday

I couldn't believe what was happening! I wrote down everything and gave her the lesson pamphlets and we left. We went home for some lunch and then went back out to teach a lesson with one of our investigators. This guy is really educated and I was warned beforehand that he loves to talk. I didn't prepare myself for what happened. He went on and on talking so fast that I didn't know if it was Vietnamese or what! I was lost for a good 30 minutes. The whole lesson was so confusing. After the lesson we decided to stop at a Corn stand. They just grill corn on the cob and then dip it in this like garlic butter sauce, it was amazing! 

We stopped off back at home to grab some more banana bread for our other investigator and dropped it off at her house. That night we had an appointment with another investigator and this lady who works with him came over and wanted to talk about the Church. We taught her Lesson 1 as well. It was a really really good day. :)

Thursday was also really great. One of the Elders in our house had a birthday and his mom gave him money to buy us all a treat or something. We decided that we would order in some smoothie type of drinks from this place called BOBA. It was way good. Then we taught a lesson at a members house and finished the day with another Family Home Evening at our investigator's house.

Friday we set up a morning appointment with the lady from the alley that wanted to learn and come to Church. She is a quick learner. Then we went to our investigator Anh Thien's house again. I was scared because of the last visit with him. He just talks so fast. We taught him about prayer and had him share his experiences regarding prayer. He told us that he prayed and feels he needs to be baptized this next week! I understood that part and almost jumped out of my chair! After that meeting we met with another investigator of ours who is having problems at home. Her parents are not big fans of the Church and it has been a real struggle helping her progress towards baptism. In our lesson, she explained how she received personal revelation after reading a talk that we gave her, about having courage to stand up for what you believe in. She said she wants to talk to her parents about the Church and that she needs to be more courageous, she also said she wants to get baptized.

Saturday was a little empty because six of our seven planned appointments fell through. In our planning for the day, I felt that we really needed to try and teach a recent convert of ours who hasn't been taught in over three months. My companions said that they have tried countless times and she always comes up with excuses why she can't learn that day. I told them that we needed to try... and that it would work this time. We went over there and she and her husband were eating lunch. I pulled up a chair and just starting talking with them. I asked if we could share with them and they said that they were too busy today. I suggested just sharing with them while they eat. They agreed. We shared about temples and family history. Well, they finished eating and the lesson continued on for another 20 minutes. I know that the Spirit was there and that is why this new member stuck around to learn more.

Sunday was fast and testimony meeting. I love Fast Sundays! The lady from the alley came to church, along with anh thien and one other investigator. I felt that I should stand up and talk about how the Lord had blessed us this week... and how grateful I was for the efforts the Branch had made... and that our investigators have made. It probably wasn't the clearest of testimonies, but I am happy I went up. Then I got to teach the Priesthood Class with my companion. We taught about the Aaronic Priesthood. It was a good lesson and the boys tried really hard to pay attention. I am super grateful for them!

This week was a testimony to me that Heavenly Father prepares his children for the Gospel. I know that if a person will humble him or herself... and ask with real intent, the answers will come. I have a heart full of gratitude for the miracles, blessings, and tender mercies given to my companions and I. I love this Gospel and I testify that it is true. I know that... because Christ walked the path alone, we will never have to. I have seen seeds of faith grow within myself and I encourage all to feast on the word. I know that if we continually partake from the living waters we will be a light to others and our faith in the Redeemer of the World will be unshakable. I love you all and Hope you have the best week ever :)

Elder Morris

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