Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Week 19: "Parties, Movies, and Late Night Phone Calls"

This week pretty wacky!  
Monday we went to the market to look around for some stuff. As we were walking around, we got a call from our investigator who we had planned his baptism for this week. It was hard to hear him, but what I did pick up were the words, "sorry, arrested, and leaving".
I was a little concerned by this. The reason things are wacky lately is because the government of Cambodia has started tracking down the Vietnamese people and asking them for papers. If they don't have papers, they either get forced to move back to Vietnam or they have to pay the police officers off. From what I have heard, this is a method they use to make more money.
Our members have been pretty shaken up by all this stuff because most of them don't have the proper paper work. Anyways, we went over to our investigator's house to find out more about all this. He said not to worry, he just got caught by the police with the wrong paperwork and he had to lay low for a while or he will be sent back. I couldn't believe how calm he was about all of it. 
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Tuesday started out a little rough. I woke up and started the day off as I usually do ironing my shirt and doing a light workout. I went upstairs and we got a text from the district leader asking if we could teach the District meeting in two hours. My companions were still asleep, so I replied yes. I started looking up scriptures and putting together a lesson for the meeting. It took everyone a little longer than expected to get ready and we got out the door late.
We arrived at the meeting about 15 minutes late. It wouldn't have been a big deal, except President Moon decided that he would attend the meeting this week. My comps, being zone leaders, instantly started pooping their pants. I was in panic because I was giving the lesson! We walked in and after apologizing for being late we began. The District leader finished the announcements and invited my companions to teach the lesson. He was pretty surprised when I said that I was giving the lesson because I guess he thought one of my companions replied to the text earlier that morning. With sweaty palms and a shaky voice I shared some points I had thought of. After the lesson, we finished with a word of prayer. I was just happy it was over, or so I thought.
President Moon asked if he could talk to me. He said that he had asked the District Leader to have the zone leaders teach the lesson so he could see how they would do. He said he was really surprised that I shared the lesson. He gave me some points of advice and thanked me for the lesson…so scary.  After that, we went to get some lunch and then did service at a member's house. We pealed a lot of hard boiled eggs for them. By the end, I had gotten pretty good at it. 

Wednesday was a bummer. We spent almost the whole day inside because Elder Pham was really sick. I updated the book and had two personal studies. (haha), we also watched 17 miracles on the little DVD player. It had Vietnamese subtitles so we counted that as additional language study. We finally got out at the end of the day, to teach a less active member and his two sons. We had planned a lesson on reading the Book of Mormon. The spirit led the lesson and we ended up teaching about the Temple and ordinances essential for our salvation. He said he wanted more unity in his family so they could be happily sealed together forever. It was so cool. 

Thursday we had a lesson with a potential investigator named Chi na. He didn't have a lot of interest the first time we met, but he invited us to come and share our message with him. We got there and at first we didn't say much. He was looking at his phone and we didn't really know how we should start. I got this impression that we should watch the Mormon Message called "The Hope of God's Light". I told my companion how I felt and he thought we should try it. They don't have it in Vietnamese, so I told my companion he would be translating this one on the fly. He did an amazing job and the spirit was so strong.

After the video, Chi na asked if there were more movies like this one that he could watch. He also asked if we could teach him more about Christ. We gave him a Book of Mormon and gladly accepted a return appointment. 
Friday we had an exchange. The District leader would come up to our area and would jump in with us for the day. We started off by teaching a member out of a talk from General Conference earlier this year. After the lesson he made us some amazing food. We contacted for a while until we had to go to the fireside. We heard some amazing talks and it really motivated all the missionaries. 
Saturday we had some lessons with our Recent Converts. They are so much fun. Co nhien learned again with us and she is a hoot. She loves trying to speak in English so it gets pretty interesting when we go over there. Then we went to teach our investigator Chu Ken. In the middle of the lesson his friend came and sat down to listen. It turned into a big discussion about the dumbest things. I couldn't understand a thing they were saying so I looked around and noticed another guy sitting behind me listening. I began asking him questions and we had a great talk about some different principles in the Gospel he had questions about. At the end of the night we were invited to attend a member's birthday party. The Branch President's daughter was turning 8. It was a lot of fun. She reminded me so much of my little sister Emmie. 
This little girl was so excited that she could now get baptized! She even prayed over her cake right before she blew out the candles. At the party one of the members started asking me about Japan. She asked me in English if I knew about the "Cinnamon". She said a little while ago "Cinnamon" covered the people and a lot of them died. I was so confused. As she kept explaining this disaster, I realized she was trying to say Tsunami. I explained what she was saying and we got a good laugh. 
Sunday our rations were getting dangerously low. For breakfast Elder Pham ate a tomato with a pack of cheese and crackers. Elder Tan ate some old fruit from the fridge and some flavored water. I made myself makeshift oatmeal with some marshmallows I found, so I microwaved it and it turned into a pretty decent Rice Krispy treat. After church we lucked out because a member was having a get together and we ate some food. Last night was transfer calls! I am going to be staying in the area for one more transfer! I am so happy that I don't have to leave and start from scratch again. This week was so good. Love you all
Elder Morris

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