Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 32: A Crowded House

Hey Everyone! 

This week was full of fun stuff. 

Monday we played some soccer...as usual, and then right after that we were told that President Moon would be coming to inspect our house to see whether or not we were following the simplified housekeeping challenge! I almost pooped myself at this announcement seeing as our house is not up to par. We rushed home and cleaned everything as fast as we could.  

It turned out that our house was one of the cleanest houses in the mission. We even got some cookies from sister Moon. 

Then we got some new ties at the mission home, they are nice. 

Tuesday we went to have District Meeting at the church only to find that the guard took the day off and no one had unlocked the gate to the church. We got to have our meeting at the stake center which is so cool! I shared a lesson on the Atonement and then we had a musical number, because one of our sisters was about to finish her mission.

Wednesday we got the baptismal date we had hoped for! Our investigator is so awesome and he hopefully will be progressing towards the first of the month. :) Then we went and helped out doing some translation work. I am really starting to like doing translations. I have finished a few Mormon messages and talks in Vietnamese, just in case anyone wants to check them out. ;) While we were helping with that, one of the Elders came across some really funny articles on this website called Millennial Mormons. It is borderline sacrilege, but a pretty entertaining read.

Thursday, I am so tired is all I have written down in the notes for the day. Thinking back, we did weekly planning. Oh we looked around for people to serve, and then hunted down a less active member, who has been dodging us like we're the mob or something. He is a nice kid though. He just loves the computer games. 

Friday we went out and taught a lesson in the morning to another investigator. Then we went out looking for the Lost Sheep. After that we had a good time translating the new hymn book for the Vietnamese Branches. Hopefully, we will be done with all of that in the next week or so. I am stoked. Then we biked out like an hour and a half to find a less active member. He is so great and promised he was going to start coming back to church and back to the path of righteousness… I hope so. 

Saturday was Transfer Day. Not really for my companion and I. We will be sticking together for another one. It should be fun. We also got a call that we would be taking care of not one, but three companionships. We have nine people in our house that usually has four. It has been a blast but it gets pretty cozy at night and all the food is gone. 

Luckily its p-day and we bought more food. We also got a new Elder in the Vietnamese program! He is awesome. His name is Elder Guoach I may have spelled that wrong though. He is part Chinese and half Vietnamese. He is from Australia. He is a big boy and very funny. Reminds me a little of Winnie the Pooh. 

Sunday we had Church and it was glorious. The sister who ended her mission on Saturday had her parents come to Cambodia to visit! They were super cool and they even bore their testimonies during sacrament. It was really special and everyone was moved. I was so happy because instead of teaching Sunday School this week, the other Elders said they would teach and we got to be in the gospel principles class with our investigators. I love that class. 

After all that we had a surprise birthday for one of our members who is preparing to go to the temple with her husband. It was really special. The thing that is so cute about birthdays here is that people always do two things: 1. They bare their testimony and thank everyone for everything. 2. Instead of making a wish, they say the prayer and bless the food for everyone. It is really special that they make something so fun and simple as a birthday party a spiritually uplifting experience. I love that. 

This was definitely a good week and I couldn't be happier. I love you all and hope you have the best week ever! 


Elder Morris

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