Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week 33: The kid did NOT want to learn...

Well this week was interesting!

Monday we were pretty stacked so we didn't have any time to play soccer. :( But! We went to the mission home and I got some cool new ties. I will send a picture of them next week because I forgot. Then the new guy really wanted to take a look at New Market, which is just a huge market with everything a tourist would ever want and it all for at least half price. So we walked around there for a while. 

Tuesday I taught District Meeting. This one was pretty dry because it was about learning the language. This lesson always just makes everyone self-conscious and ashamed for not being more diligent (haha). I tried to keep it as upbeat as possible though. After that, we found out that the Burger King has a super whopper deal where you get two and one meal is for free. Those were nice. Then I think Elder Toan ate too much and he was feeling sick so we took him home and he slept for a while. I just started making a bunch of calls trying to set up appointments with less actives and lost members. It actually ended up pretty good. 

Wednesday I was invited to attend this English Class training meeting for all the English Class leaders. It was super cool! We finally got our Facebook page and website set up. A whole new program is being set up and I can't wait to get it started! Then after that we had a Mission Leadership Meeting with all the Leaders in the mission. That was so cool. I love being in discussions with other missionaries about the work. They are all so seasoned and have so many great insights. That was really neat.
After all that, we went out and taught a lesson and then went out contacting. We found this lady because this guy on the side of the road said there was one Viet lady living in the alley nearby. She was kind of asleep when we came. She woke up and told us that she has a serious hard problem and had been sick for months and will pass away soon. I felt like we needed to tell her who we were and that our message was what she needed. She took the pamphlet and asked us to pray with her. 

Thursday we had weekly planning. Well kind of. Some of us fell asleep and we didn't end up getting a lot of planning done. But we turned it around and got a few good lessons in for the day. I had an idea that we should do something for the members that are still in Cambodia for the Chinese New Years. Oh by the way, It has been like a ghost town the past couple of days because of the holidays. It sucks if you’re a missionary. 

Anyways, we went out and bought a bunch of bananas and stuff and I started making banana bread for our members. 
I don't want to brag but that banana bread was pretty good. 

Friday we made a butt load more bread and started our quest to visit all the members. We spent the day sharing messages with them and trying to serve others. 

Saturday I went on a mini exchange with the zone leader elder Tri. He is really cool and knows this language really well. We went and taught a lesson in the morning to one of his investigators. The investigator is like 10 and his mom is less active but helps in all the lessons. We came to their house the kid did NOT want to learn. His mom made him sit down with us and he started crying. 

It is pretty weird teaching the 10 commandments to a crying 10 year old.

Then later that day we went back to the sick lady's house to share a lesson with her. We went by and this other lady was there. She said she was her daughter and kindly asked us to sit down with her. We sat down at the table and there was a bible open and it looked as though someone had been studying. That made me happy until she said that she was a Jehovah's Witness… and so were the other 10 kids in the family. YIKES. I immediately started sweating profusely when the lady asked if she could share a few things she really liked out of the bible. It wasn't quite a bible bash, but we had to use a few scriptures to counter the crazy stuff she was saying. She got stuck when we shared about prophets and Joseph Smith so she said she had to go. It kind of sucks because she was really sweet to us. We will go back there and try and help them. 

Sunday was church! We didn't have very many people there but it was really awesome! Everyone was helping a lot and things went smooth. It was also the birthday of one of the youth. A girl named Nhi who just turned 19. She is preparing for a mission and will hopefully turn in her papers soon. I made her a Banana Cake which turned it out to be crazy, because everyone at church started saying how good it was and that they had birthdays coming up too! Ahhh!! Then that night we went out and decided to just find people to do service for. It was really fun and we met some really cool people. Love you all and hope you have an amazing week!   

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