Friday, June 26, 2015

Week 56 (or something)... It has been a while since Ernie has been able to find time to blog... Working hard in the Mission Home

This week was bananas.

So we will begin the craziness with Tuesday. We woke up and went to the office to get everything ready for office staff devotional and prepare for District meeting. Then we get a call that we need to take some people to the bus station last minute. We drop everything and head to their house to take them. Get them to the station like a couple minutes before the bus leaves and then head straight to district meeting. We have our district meeting take some pics because everyone in our district is leaving pretty much. I have no one to talk to in Vietnamese now that sister Bui is going to Hanoi. Sad. Then we eat lunch and get our buns back to the mission home to prepare for office staff devotional. Office Staff is just a meeting where we meet with President Moon, the Assistants, and the other finance senior couple and talk about what to do with the mission. It's way intense and you have to be prepared on presenting your part to President or you get toasted. After a super long meeting there we had just a few minutes to get food before we left to our Branch meeting. We spent like 45 minutes talking about cleaning the church. *Insert forehead slap here*

Wednesday got pretty intense because it's English class day and we also had to get our car serviced because apparently Elder Le Nguyen and I broke the power steering Joy Riding. By joy riding I mean traversing giant puddles of water on a huge dirt road in the middle of nowhere, in a van. 
All because our investigator needed salvation I guess. Anyways, we took it to one place and they took like two hours to check it out and told us it was 2,000 dollars. So we went to a different place and it took another two hours and they told us it would be a little less than 2,000 dollars. Day wasted. 
Okay then we got to our English class which is the light of my life at this point. I love English class. I had a table of all boys which was the best! I got a guy to accept learning the gospel and said he will come to church this Sunday. That is why I love English Class. That was the end of the night.

Thursday was the day all the new elders and sisters came. We had to get all the papers and everything together. It was a bunch of fun! They are all pretty fun. I got to teach them all about viruses and how to get them off and how to use the different programs in the mission and then I got to do all the picture taking. It was amazing. Then that night we brought them home... they were asleep before I even got into the room.

Yesterday was transfers. All but one of the companionships in the Vietnamese program was transferred so everyone came to the mission home. Plus all the new elders and sisters and everyone going home this transfer, there were half a million people at the mission home. It was really fun though getting to see all the people from my MTC group and everything. I will try and get a picture that we took. It was fun. So hectic though. 

Then when all the screaming and crying and everything had subsided. I plopped myself into my chair and fell asleep for like ten minutes. Then Elder Hibbert came, making me super sad...cause I wouldn't let myself believe that he was leaving so soon. He is such a good elder. I am gonna miss him so much. We just closed the door and had a little talk about life. He is like a brother to me, and I know he is going to be great. 

We helped everyone get their bags into the van and then President took them to the airport to leave. Poof, they were all gone. Some people had family come, and we were like taking pictures for them and everything. It's kind of really weird to see missionaries finishing up with their families. To me it's like a dream that will never happen so it doesn't bother me too much.

Today was P day and it turned out pretty well. We got to email a bit and then we got bored and left to the Stake center to throw around the football and pass around the soccer ball. It's good to be out and about. It started raining super hard which was perfect. It's finally rainy season and it couldn't have come sooner. I love Rain. We did some shopping and then I made everyone wait while I tested all the colognes in the store. There were actually a few good ones (: Don't worry, they totally wanted to smell them all too. 

Then we got to the mission home again to change and some Elder in Japan calls and says they have a Vietnamese guy with them right now and they want to Skype. So I just threw on my shirt and tie and called em haha. It was a great lesson! 

He is a 19 year old boy from close to Hanoi. He is super smart and really interested in the Gospel. I taught him about who Heavenly Father is, and why we need prophets. It was neat. He said I have beautiful Vietnamese so HA!... the office won't bring me down. But  still have to practice a ton. It was interesting and they want to Skype us again next week. This week was crazy, hard, and busy...but I feel like I am doing my part. I sleep much easier now a days knowing I am giving everything I can to the Lord. My testimony that everything works out for a reason was tested this week, but I know that Heavenly Father never gives us anything we can't handle and will never leave us. We just need to have our eyes open enough to see who's lives we can reach out and touch during those times. A good friend told me a quote by Elder Bednar who said that God gives his hardest trials to the ones He trusts the most, or something like that. I know that's true and I know Elder Hibbert has people to save back home. 

Phew! This was a long one boys and girls, thanks for tuning in. I love you all so so much and appreciate everything  you do for me. Have an amazing week! Peace.

Elder Morris


  1. Dear Elder Morris,
    I am sorry that I haven't commented before, probably because I'm not sure of what to say...our families haven't very close and I want that to change. NO pressure, I know that what has happened in the past is something we can't change, we need to move forward. Okay, having said that- I appreciate your blog! I won't be "lurking" anymore ,sounds creepy I know! I'm grateful for your service and for your parents for sharing this! Take care and know that you're loved and cared about!
    Aunt Laurie