Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Week 37: Feels like a prison cell...

So This week was good. 

Tuesday we started our service project for ba hong chu song. The two people in my last post. They are the best! ...and they have a terribly dirty tiny house. So we decided we would clean and repaint it. We got a cool idea that we would redo their little picture collage that they had... and make it into a masterpiece. So we went out and bought some paint and stuff. After district meeting we went over and started cleaning. They were apprehensive at first, but after a little coaxing they let us start cleaning. I was determined to help these people before I transferred. We cleaned... and it took a long time. We started painting just a little, but had to go. So we continued on ...

Wednesday so we could be done before English class. We painted and cleaned more and started on this really cool tree idea that one of the sisters had. We painted a tree and put the pictures on it. It was awesome! 

The hard thing was that the next day, Thursday, I got a call saying that we would be transferring a day early and I that I should start packing my things. I didn't see that one coming and instantly my heart sank like a rock. I didn't think a transfer would be so hard. I am such a baby. We would be switching houses and stuff so I packed up on my things and left all the food in the fridge for the next elder moving in. We also had the elders from Vietnam again over at our house. That was really fun. I met back up with my old MTC companion! I missed him a lot and it was so good to see him. 

We moved all the stuff out and then we moved. The branch three house is nice. It's the biggest in the mission and this time it was super clean. It is really good looking now. The only thing is that the Khmer elders totally swiped our old room and took all the good stuff. We are in a little room on the top floor with a dinky little light. My companion says he feels like he is in a prison cell.

Oh by the way! New companion! Elder Le. He is from america and is super cool! He is part African American, Like a fourth Native American, and Half Vietnamese. He is like fluent already cause he spoke it at home. We get along pretty well so things should be really fun. He listens to like native american music and let me tell ya, that is a treat. 

So the rest of this week we have just be scavenging for food because we are white washing and it is the end of the month. That means no food in the house and no money to buy food. It is ok though, we will survive. We have been going around looking for work to do while the sisters gather their records and stuff for us to use. 

Then on Friday, we got to go pick up elder Hieu, who just finished his mission. We took him to the mission home so he could figure out his things. He is the best. Then, I spent the day with a new missionary because my companion needed to renew his visa. He is in the Vietnamese group and he is from Argentina. He speaks a little Viet already which is a big head start for him. He is way funny and I really like  him. He reminds me of an old friend I have back in Japan named Api. Really fun. 

Then we had a baptism on Sunday which was really great and I now think that I am catching a cold. I took some medicine and hopefully I will back to a 100% in no time. Not a lot of time this week, so apologies. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week. 

Elder Morris

We thought this was just some random picture of a tree... but upon closer inspection...

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